3 Reasons a professional headshot could be life-changing

1. Notieability - Easily Sets You Apart

On LinkedIn the number 1 complaint by the influencers is that it is slowly becoming like facebook. People are posting those don't scroll without posting Amen and Sharing pictures, you see people with profile pictures of them pretty obviously drunk and lets not forget oversharing of personal information. It is surprising to say that you will set yourself apart by maintaining a professional photo.

If you have your own professional website, like an insurnace or mortgage sales person, you headshot needs to enstill confidence and a sense of professionalism. You probably also have brand standards to maintain and having an inappropriate photo could cost you your job.

When I shop around online for something big like a mortgage or insurance/investment product I do judge a person by how they look in their photo.

2. Presentation is EVERYTHING

If you spend hours preparing a presentation are you really going to give out business cards with a terrible picture of yourself on it? The audience will think one thing: They put on a good "show"

Consistency in your appearance is valuable. If you are unpredictable in any way you will never get that tap on the shoulder for that big promotion. Your upper management will want a presentable employee to represent their interests because they know they can teach you what you need to know but cant break the habit of appearing less than professional.

3. It makes you appear more trustworthy and experienced

Never had a job? That does not matter, get a headshot and you instantly look like you've been downing coffee and having watercooler meetings for years.

Have no idea what you are doing? That does not matter either, get a headshot and you instantly add years to your experience.

I know you probably do not remember anything your parents taught you, but what they were trying to do was give you advice so you did not have to learn the hard way. A headshot is one of those things that people learn far too late.

Think about all the terrible advertisements you have seen lately, without a professional photo you are those terrible advertisements! The thing is it might be years before you make the connection between your presentation in regards to your professoinal appearance and your success.

Do yourself a favor and get an updated professional photo and update it at least every other year.

P.S.: clean up your social media image as well! Delete it and start over fresh even if you are trying to break in to a professional white collar environment. Book your headshot today!

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