The ONE thing that can make your party a smash hit

Do you remember the last party you went to?

Chances are it might have been a blur...

Do you remember the last party you hosted?

I doubt it, you were probably too busy to even enjoy it. But everybody had fun...Right?....RIGHT??

You see that is the problem, we have literally lost our memories because our minds are multitasking at a rate never before seen!

Your party goers may quickly forget about their amazing time except for crappy cell phone selfies and snapchats that are gone by the following night. Why not give them a better experience and earn their respect as the top party planner of the group?

There is a solution to these problems!


I know that blew your mind huh?

A photobooth is a fun party feature that may actually steal the mainstage! Props can be customized to provide a well thoughtout experience You can use technology to have the pictures texted to your partygoers It's as simple as ordering a pizza to make it happen!

Now you might be thinking why dont I just buy the props and everyone use their cell phone? I mean thats great if you want your friend with their flip phone who refuses to upgrade would be satisfied with a 2 megapixel picture thats blurrier than my wife when she takes her glasses off.

Pay a professional and get the experience you will remember, and you will even have evidence of incase someone needs to be blackmailed later(JK!!)

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