5 ways To Make Sure Your Proposal Is Magical

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in your relationship. As a guy you might see it as a check box, but your girlfriend(or boyfriend) sees it more as a the ending to a short telenovela that actually has a happy drama free ending, with a very different chapter starting right after.

Here we will discuss the steps to making it a magic moment, even if you are a manly man you can get down with these simple instructions.

1. Keep it a SECRET

Above all else, you need to ensure secrecy! No one likes a ruined surprise. If you screw everything else up and it is a surprise to them, they will love you for the effort you put in! I mean unconditional love is one of the reason’s you are proposing isn’t it?

2. Location, Location, Location!

Your 23 realtor friends have been preaching this for YEARS! Its time you listened. You cannot have a proper engagement in a comfortable environment, it is just not right.

You have to get out of your comfort zone! Whether it be the beach, a park, a nice restaurant, Hawaii or wherever just DO NOT do it in your house, your driveway, a Starbucks, in a car or anything defined by Urban Dictionary as Basic.

The best way to choose is to select a location you both like, which I am guessing is a short list, or pick a location she likes, or better yet ask someone (Without violating #1) in this order if you’re still about a location clueless:

1. Mom 2. Best Friend 3. Close Mutual Friend

3. Have their friends there!

Introverts, it is time to break out of that shell for just one day! Having an audience is important for most people on this special day. If you aren’t one for being the center of attention maybe get a pep talk from your family and friends. YOU CAN DO IT! What always helps me when I am nervous about an event, interview, etc is to watch some funny videos on the way to where I am going and get some laughs in. Try it out if you get nervous; if it does not work call your best friend to give you some reminders of your plan and a good motivational speech!


You don’t have to write a haiku or a poem. You do need to have something prepared to say and you have to practice it.

Take some ideas from the internet, her family and friends, put some real work in and figure it out. Memorize what you are going say, and practice it, say it to yourself in the mirror and remember that in the heat of the moment NO ONE is going to remember if you tripped up a few words.

5. Hire a photographer

Ever been to a race?

All the way on the other side of the track, the cars don’t seem to be going That Fast. Once they come around in front of you it’s like you blink and it’s gone.

Hiring a photographer for an event like this means even though you may be distracted by all the effort you’ve put in to making it perfect you will still have a perfect recall of the event through photos. Let’s face it, what is the first thing everyone does when they get engaged?

They put up pictures.

No one wants a blurry cell phone picture of that beautiful ring on your soulmates hand, they want FULL HD!

So please take this advice and make it special! A wise man once said: You Only Live Once.

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